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2023-2024: Welcome Back STEM Academy!

STEM Academy Staff 2023-2024 in the Atrium
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From the Office of Mr. Art Campbell

Welcome back everyone! We hope everyone has had a wonderful summer. It is with great enthusiasm that we welcome you to the 2023-2024 school year! August 28 will be the first official day of school for all students.

As a reminder, the school day begins at 7:40 a.m. and ends promptly at 2:40 p.m. Our administration, staff and teachers have been very busy this summer preparing for the new school year, and we are looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

All 9th grade students should report directly to the Auditorium on the first student day.

The daily schedule for August 28-September 12 has been modified as we work toward preparing for the Lunch & Learn Schedule. Please make note of the changes on the

23-24 Opening Week Schedule

We would like to take a moment to introduce and welcome several new staff members to our building this year!


  • Mr. Shane Austin (Biology/Chemistry)
  • Ms. Sarah Bartling (English)
  • Mr. Joseph (Nick) Dimino (Biology/Chemistry)
  • Ms. Donna Richards (German Substitute, First Semester for Ms. Wallen)


Lunch & Learn: Beginning September 13th, on days students have periods 1-7 we will continue our one hour Lunch & Learn. The purpose of Lunch & Learn is to provide students with the time, support, and resources necessary to be a successful student. By scheduling time during the school day, all students will have equal access to their teachers and other resources. This is a time for students to eat lunch, work on schoolwork, meet with teachers and counselors, participate in physical activity in our stadium behind the school, meet as student clubs, as well as other optional special programs for our students. This is a time that all staff and administration are available for our students. Please be on the lookout for much more information over the next few weeks.

Early Dismissals: Any student leaving school must go through the main office if they have a note for an early dismissal, or if Mrs. Mikulich, school nurse, is dismissing due to illness. If a student is feeling ill they should ask their teacher if they may go to the nurse and the nurse will assist in next steps. Parents, please do not allow your student to text or call you to come get them and then pick them up and leave. Please tell them to go to the nurse and the nurse will be in contact, or please call the school to let us know your child isn’t feeling well. This is extremely important for student safety and accountability.

Emergency Drills: In the first weeks of school we will conduct our fire, severe weather and ALICE Drills (lockdown/evacuation) with our school staff. Please ask your students how these drills went and how they felt about them. It is critically important that students feel safe in school. We take these drills very seriously and want our students to understand the importance.

Arriving at School on Time: We have a lot of work to do each day with our STEM Academy students. Therefore, it is critical for students to arrive on time whether they are riding with a family member, friend, or driving themselves to school. Our school day begins promptly at 7:40 am. Students are expected to be in their classroom by 7:40 am each morning in order to maximize their experience with us. Please allow extra time for arrival in the morning, especially the first week of school. We will be lenient the first week but students driving or obtaining a ride are expected to be to school on time. If students ride the bus, then they will not be marked late due to a late arrival of the bus.

Traffic: Please review the student pick up and drop off procedures located under School Day on our Website.

Parking and Parking Permits:  

Senior Pathways: Similar to previous years, senior pathways will take place during the second and third marking periods. Seniors will be required to report to their assigned classroom for the first marking period as this is time designated to working on CAS, EE, practicum portfolio, college applications, and some special presentations. Seniors must report to their senior pathway room and remain there to work on the items above. Senior privilege/early dismissal/later arrival is not in effect during this time.

Student Schedules: Schedules are now available on the Campus Portal. The District technology department sent a notification home to parents on Monday, August 12. Please advise your son/daughter to check the Campus Portal up to the first student day of school, August 28, 2023, as schedules are subject to change. Juniors and Seniors, should also verify that they are registered for the proper number of HL and SL courses. If there is an error on your son/daughter’s schedule please call the Counseling Office at (610) 269-2420 x 43031 or email your counselor.

Technology Fee: The DASD School Board of Directors has established a technology fee for all high school students. Please review the District 1:1 Fast Facts for Families- DASD for details on technology fees, and all other device specific information. Please visit PaySchools Central in order to satisfy payment requirements.

Free & Reduced Meal Plan: Information can be found on the Food Services website

School Safety: Safety and Discipline are an essential component to any school. Students and parents are required to read the bullet points below as you will be held responsible for following school and school district policies.

All students are required to follow all school and district policies and procedures.



IB Internal Assessments: As part of the IB course requirements, all juniors and seniors will be completing the internal assessments required throughout the two-year program. Mr. Sheehan, IB Coordinator, will be sending home a communication regarding the IB Internal Assessment requirements and due dates. Class of 2023 and 2024, we are currently working with your teachers to establish dates and times for completing IAs. More information will be coming your way in the near future.

IB Assessment and Curriculum Fees: Every senior, both diploma and non-diploma candidates, will take the culminating IB exams in May. Mr. Sheehan sent the IB Fees letter at the end of last school year to the Class of 2024 explaining the process for payment which includes a pay schedule and method for payment. That information can also be found on our website under the Class of 2024 news post. All fees have been uploaded to student accounts in Payschools.

     This school was created on the motto ‘Effort Creates Intelligence.’ While this seems like a simple motto it is of great depth. Intelligence is not fixed, it is modifiable given intellectual experiences. As a school, we believe that if students try to improve themselves each and every day they will improve. We believe that when students make mistakes and are willing to recognize those mistakes they will become more knowledgeable and compassionate individuals. We believe there is no limit to what an individual can accomplish with effort and support. Our school community, grounded in collaboration and teamwork, is here to support every individual and help them find their own path to success. If you and your child have not done so already, I encourage you to read the book Mindset, by Carol Dweck. This book discusses failure as well as the belief of how effort can be a powerful tool in the achievement of our goals. I would also appreciate it if you and your child would take a few moments and watch this video on Growth Mindset. As a school we will continue our work on healthy lifestyles including, exercise, sleep, proper diet, mitigating stress, limiting electronic devices at critical times, as well as building relationships and community within our school. Some of these topics will be covered in classes as well as in advisory. We want every student to come to school with a positive attitude, challenge themselves, and try to improve a little bit each and every day. Over the course of the last ten years when students buy into the idea of a growth mindset they are successful here and beyond.