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Downingtown STEM students attend first ever Culture Fest

STEM Culture Fest

Submitted by Leon Dang, Class of 2023, Event Chairperson

Downingtown, PA – On February 28, 2023, Downingtown STEM students attended the first ever Culture Fest. Students enjoyed foods, games, and activities from various ethnicities and backgrounds around the world. Sponsorship of the activities was led entirely by the student body, with 5 clubs/organizations planning tangible and meaningful ways to share aspects of global cultures: Spanish Honors Society, French Honors Society, German Honors Society, Black Student Union, and Asian Student Alliance.

STEM senior Leon Dang, who organized the event, came up with the idea for STEM Culture Fest after attending Narwhal Culture Fest, a district-wide diversity event at the Marsh Creek 6th Grade Center in September 2022. He said, “I really enjoyed seeing and participating in different diversity activities at Narwhal Culture Fest. Selling bubble tea with my business, Mei Cha, was an extremely rewarding experience. I wanted to create similar opportunities for STEM club leaders to share their cultures and passions with the student body.” Chloe Shih, a STEM sophomore and a volunteer for the Asian Student Alliance, notes, “Sharing Asian culture with other students was super fun and everyone had a great time. We had so many people stop by and I would love to see this happen again.”

Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Justin Brown, states “It is important for staff and administration to get to experience high quality programming and initiatives from the district. It is especially significant and important when it is student created and student initiated. We are proud of the many talented and organized students that helped pull off this program.  I truly hope that students and community continue to become aware of others in the community and work towards creating a more inclusive school district.


STEM Culture Fest:  Students participating in a cultural step dance led by STEM BSU