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STEM Academy Art Show 2024

STEM Academy Art Show 2024



Submitted by Ms. Janette Romano

The annual STEM Academy Art Show took place on March 13th and featured twenty-four senior exhibitions displayed by the class of 2024 in the IB Visual Art course, and artwork by students in grades 9, 10 and 11. 

Ribbons awarded by judges:

1st Place Senior Exhibition: Katie McDonnell

2nd Place Senior Exhibition: Caroline Labb

3rd Place Senior Exhibition: Pranathi Munagala

Honorable Mention Senior Exhibition: Lauren Leshko


Artwork selected by a STEM staff committee for the Honors Gallery in the main office:

"2020 Won" by Katie McDonnell (Faculty Choice most votes winner)

"Allure of the Unknown" by Selena Guo

"Inner Conflict" by Catvan Tran

"Cosine of My Mind" by Justin Seegers

"Lunch Bunch" by Sadhana Sujesh


Artwork selected for other display areas at STEM:

"And the Stars Keep Turning" by Selena Guo

"A Shore Path Sunset" by Grace McNamara

"Self-Portrait" by Mingwei Jiang

"Self-Portrait" by Caroline Labb

"Burn" by Caroline Labb

"Compartmentalization" by Grace McNamara

"A Place to Remember" by Sophie Fontecchio


Katie McDonnell and Lauren Leshko were recognized for having their artwork selected to hang in the Trestle Place Gallery for the next two years, alongside artwork by students from Kindergarten through grade 12 across the district.