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STEM Academy French Students - Le Grand Concours Participants

STEM Academy French Students - Le Grand Concours Participants

This year around 43,000 French students across the United States participated in Le Grand Concours, which is an exam assessing listening, reading, and structural skills.  The STEM Academy had record participation at all levels and we are proud to announce our winners, who will soon receive medals and certificates from the American Association of Teachers of French.  Félicitations !

Level 02:

Sheena Cao - Honorable mention

Eva Lutz - Silver

Rayna Pherwani - Bronze

Ryan Smith

Level 03:

Claire Blisard - Bronze

Alice Lu

Maryann Nazareth - Bronze

Ananya Paladugu - Honorable mention

Simran Sahoo - Bronze

Neha Yadavilli - Honorable mention


Level 04:

Shreyas Annagiri

Devanshi Bhargava—Bronze

Yaduraj Choudhary - Gold

Jackie DeBerardinis - Honorable mention

Shivani Gadiparthi - Silver

Wafiza Julkipli - Honorable mention

Lineesha Kamana - Gold

Caci Ramiscal - Honorable mention

Charlotte Tan

Nathan Wong


Level 05:

Irene Abraham - Bronze

Shanthi Bhaskar

Vibha Guru - Honorable mention

Nikitha Kanumuru - Honorable mention

Alice Liu - Honorable mention

Ajay Macherla - Honorable mention

Mahi Mallina - Bronze

Riley Nassour - Honorable mention

Lucy Onderdonk - Bronze

Nickie Prendergast

Aly Stauffer

Nicki Sudall

Maria Thomas - Honorable mention

Alex Tyner