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STEM DECA International Career Development Conference Recap 2024

STEM DECA International Career Development Conference Recap 2024

Submitted by Dr. Justin Staub

This week 64 Downingtown STEM Academy students competed at the DECA International Career Development Conference. Over 23,000 students competed, representing the top 10% of the best DECA competitors in the world. Of our 64 students, 19 made the finalist round (32% of our competitors). PA DECA only had 50 finalists, so again STEM represented PA proudly.

Of our 19 finalist competitors, 11 placed in the top 10 of their event. Below you can find the results of these 19 finalist competitors.

The Downingtown STEM Academy had six individuals or teams place in the top ten in their respective events. Only nine other schools in all of DECA performed better than this. Please join me in congratulating the following students who were finalist competitors at the conference.



Awards / Overall Place

Franchise Business Plan

Aanish Paranjpe

Siddharth Srinivas

Faizaan Syed


Project Management Sales Project

Connor Zou

Aakansh Jaypuriar

Matt DiAddezio


Human Resources Management Series

Anushka Chakraborty


Top 20 Test + Top 20 Role Play B

Entrepreneurship Team

Sisira Thumula

Akshaya Venkatesh


Akshaya- Top 20 test

Akshaya & Sisira- Top 20 Role Play

Business Finance Series

Pranav Subramaniyan


Prinicples of Business Management & Administration

Hansika Potti


Top 20 Test

Top 20 Role Play

Financial Services Operations Research

Bhavya Guru

Devanshi Sharma


Financial Consulting

Anshika Jhindal


Hospitality and Tourism Operations Research

Nived Phillip

Nick John

Praneil Balike


Sports and Entertainment Marketing Operations Research

Alex Breitfeller

Samarth Kolanupaka


Restaurant and Food Service Management

Aditya Chavan

Top 20 Test