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STEM TSA: PATSA State Leadership Conference Highlights

STEM TSA:  PATSA State Leadership Conference Highlights

submitted by Ms. Jocelyn Long, Advisor STEM TSA

 54 STEM students competed at the PATSA State Leadership Conference in 38 events. A few highlights

  • 9 Teams/Individual places in the Top 3
    • 6 - 1st Place
    • 1 - 2nd Place
    • 2 - 3rd Place
  • 12 Teams/Individual qualified for the National Conference (with many others waiting to hear)
  • Anvita Kallam was appointed to the State Parliamentarian for the 24/25 school year with the top score on both the Chapter Team and State Parliamentarian Tests.
  • The following students served on State Committee's and were recognized at the business meeting
    • Conference Sessions and Activities - Anvita Kallam (Vice Chair), Shreya Ghati, Hannah Schifter, and Vikram Davey
    • National Service Project - Sahil Reddy (Vice Chair)
    • Outreach - Rathan Epur, Samarth Kolanupaka, and Anvita Kallam
    • Bylaw and Resolution Review - Anvita Kallam, Hannah Schifter
    • Regional Reps - Saharsha Navani (Region 5 Lead Rep), Hannah Schifter, Anvita Kallam, Vikram Davey
    • Inclusivity - Anvita Kallam

As president of the organization, I am very proud of how STEM represented our school and district at the conference.

I want to also give Theresa McCafferty, Mike Marron, and Kyle Hanbicki a huge shout out for tagging along to the conference and serving as co-advisor, judges, and just a helping hand. I would not have survived without them.

1st Place

Data Science and Analytics - Ojas Wani and Adhvik VakulabharanamAdh

Extemporaneous Presentation - Shreyasee Nanda

Manufacturing Prototype - Nidhi Nagumalla, Sanjana Kilaru, Jamie Lizardo, Hanaa Saleem, and Akshaya Sreeram

Software Development - Vikram Davey, Prajith Kattamuri, Amrith Pusala, and Sahil Reddy

Webmaster - Shreyasee Nanda, Sneha Talluri, Sukriti Yadav, Shrinidhi Kalaiarasu, and Siri Vobilisetty

Chapter Team Written - Anvita Kallam

2nd Place

PA Robotics - Eugene Kim, Aanish Paranjpe, and Samuel Thomas

3rd Place

Data Science and Analytics - Anvita Kallam and Neha Chigurupati

Technology Bowl Written - Ameya Bhalerao

4th Place

Chapter Team - Anvita Kallam, Eugene Kim, Ishaan Baheti, Maria John, Hannah Schifter, and Emma Loehrer

CAD Engineering - Samuel Thomas

Drone Challenge - Sohum Gautum, Prajith Kattamuri, and Akshay Mandapat

Software Development - Samarth Kolanupaka and Akshay Mandapati

PA Safety Illustration - Zara Martinez

5th Place

Debating Technology Issues - Shreyasee Nanda and Shrinidhi Kalaiarasu

Future Technology and Engineering Teacher - Tejas Srivastava

Technology Bowl Written - Praneil Balike

6th Place

Promotional Design - Samuel Thomas

7th Place

Biotechnology Design - Anshika Jhindal and Kirti Ponnaganti

Digital Video Production - Shawn Zhu, Sanath Edke, Vishwin Thulasiram, Eugene Kim, Joseph Zeng, and Ameya Bhalerao

8th Place

Geospatial Technology - Peter Harper, Aarav Patel, and Aakash Ramesh

Technology Bowl (Team) - Ameya Bhalerao, Tejas Srivastava, and Ojas Wani

9th Place

Biotechnology Design - Hanaa Saleem, Nidhi Nagumalla. Sanjana Kilaru, Jamie Lizardo, Ashi Gupta, and Akshaya Sreeram

10th Place

Audio Podcasting - Shrinidhi Kalaiarasu, Sukriti Yadav, Siri Vobilisetty, and Sneha Talluri

CAD Architecture - Eugene Kim

Chapter Team Written - Hannah Schifter