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STEM Varsity Academic Team @ CCIU Semi-Finals 2.21.2023

STEM Varsity Academic Team @ CCIU Semi-Finals 2.21.2023

Submitted by Ms. Kristen Pugliese-Kash

STEM’s Varsity Academic Team participated in the CCIU’s Semi-Finals competition on Tuesday, February 21, 2023. They were seeded number 5 out of the 23 teams in the league, and after beating Kennett and PALCS in their first round (STEM 120, Kennett 90, PALCS 70), they upset the number 2 seed Great Valley by scoring 125 points (Great Valley 110, Avon Grove Charter 75) in what was a true team effort. They will be the first Academic Team in STEM’s history to compete in Finals (March 21st) – congratulations to all!

Pictured are Yaduraj Choudhary, Soham Katdare, Ryan Smith, Saptak Das, Lineesha Kamana,  Ethan Lemler, Kamal Imaya.. (Not pictured Kashti Satish Umare)