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Arushi Bhat ‘25

In a shocking turn of events, Niger, a West African nation, found itself at the center of global attention with a military coup d’état on July 26, 2023. The coup, which resulted in the detention of President Mohamed Bazoum, has stirred political turmoil not only within the nation, but also across the region. 

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At this point in the year we have been going to school for a little longer than a month. As everyone knows, this is the time when tests, class prep, clubs, and extracurriculars really start to pick up.


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Maycie Kulp ‘24

As temperatures drop and school picks up I am sure you have noticed a drop in energy and a need for more sleep. Many blame this on the return to school, the homework, and the hours spent exhausting your brain on tests and note-taking, but perhaps this is not the only reason for your seemingly sudden drop in energy.


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Camille Klingen ‘24

Welcome to The Howl’s premier installment of “Common Roots,” an interview series providing insight to Wolves of STEM’s past, present, and future. As we begin another year of timed writings and coffee drinking, the staff and students of Downingtown STEM are reminded of our common roots within this community.


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