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Student Life

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Sophia Kalogredis ‘25

At this point in the year we have been going to school for a little longer than a month. As everyone knows, this is the time when tests, class prep, clubs, and extracurriculars really start to pick up.

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Melody Xu ‘25

In today’s world, cultural diversity is ever more present than before. Just by walking around communities across DASD, scrolling on social media feeds, reading new books, and streaming movies, we have the opportunity to take in more new ideas and diverse cultural perspectives than previous generations.

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Ved Shah ‘26

Choosing the right clubs to join can be a dilemma for students, especially freshmen. While the "big three" clubs, DECA, TSA, and HOSA, often grab the spotlight, it's essential to recognize that smaller, lesser-known clubs can offer just as much potential for personal and academic growth.