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Student Life
Downingtown STEM Academy 

STEM Student Life

The Downingtown STEM Academy offers opportunities for all students to nurture their relational health and wellness needs. We embrace our diverse, collaborative culture, and invite all students, families, and staff to get involved. With over 40 student-led clubs/organizations running annually, celebrated special events, HSA-sponsored activities, well-attended Homecoming dances, Powder Puff games and proms, we have a good time!

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Clubs at STEM


At the STEM Academy, students are expected to engage in meaningful ways and consider the value-added they bring to our school community.

Acting with kindness, integrity, interest, and intelligence, students are encouraged to accept challenges as opportunities, lend their talents, invest in the community, and be a driven team player.

Participating and collaboratively organizing a student club provides students with opportunities to grow as effective communicators and leaders. All students are encouraged to actively contribute to at least one student organization or club every year.

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CAS or Graduation Project Service Opportunities

Please be aware that some organizations have age restrictions for their volunteer applicants (such as only accepting students age 18 or older), and that opportunities will change based upon current COVID restrictions.