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STEM In Our Community

Overview of the STEM Academy Pathways Program and Practicum

Pathways Program

The goal of the STEM Academy is for students to be "career aware" prior to graduation.  In partnership with businesses, corporations, parents and students, the Academy has identified five critical areas of academia that will promote student growth through inquiry and project-based learning.  The five "Pathways" are an opportunity for students to explore, create, and innovate in a 21st Century STEM program.  Each student chooses a Pathways class during their Junior/Senior year, selecting from the following choices:

  • Academy of Engineering and Applied Science
  • Academy of Biological Science
  • Academy of Corporate and Mathematical Innovation
  • Academy of Health and Medicine
  • Academy of Technology, Media and Communications


In addition to the Pathways program, students participate in a Career Fair during the spring of their Junior year, culminating in a 21-hour summer Career Exploration with STEM partner companies.  Companies have the flexibility of developing their own program to showcase careers in their area of business.  Activities have included everything from speakers; hands-on-activities; "speed networking"; tours of the facilities; LinkedIN workshops; HR presentations on resume writing; working on a group project and presenting back to company team; session interacting with company college interns.  Programs are developed by each organization, with guidance if needed, from STEM Academy Internships & Partnerships Leader Ms. Susan Boardman.  Students complete the program and receive credit after writing and turning in a Portfolio of their Career Exploraion experience to the STEM Academy Coordinator.

This program has been in existence since the Class of 2014, with 9 classes (1800 students), successfully completing the Practicum.